Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Chinese Boxer (1970) 88 Films Blu Ray Review

The Chinese Boxer (1970) 88 Films 11/9/2021

Directed By: Jimmy Wang Yu

Starring: Jimmy Wang Yu, Lieh Lo, Ping Wang

Disclaimer: 88 Films  has provided me with a copy of this film free of charge for the purposes of review. All opinions contained within are my own honest reflections. 

      The first film  written, directed and starring the legendary kung-fu Jimmy Wang Yu, The Chinese Boxer AKA The Hammer of God (1970) tells of students of material arts who seek revenge after they are attacked by a rival gang. The Chinese Boxer is, like any good kung-fu film a pretty simple yet effective story of good vs evil. This simplistic plot is effective as it makes for a nice springboard for a lot of high flying mayhem and blood splatter thrown in for good measure. 

   I have this admit this is my first Jimmy Wang Yu film and I was really impressed. The pacing is lean and mean but has plenty of nice character moments. And, of course there is plenty of amazing action set pieces that are top-notch. Not to mention some truly stunning sword work. This movie is also  excellent on a visual standpoint with Shan Hua (Infra-Man) as DP. For example, the blood soaked snow battle as striking as it is atmospheric. 

Fantastic film with breathtaking kung-fu action! 

Picture: Right away 88Films impresses with a damn impressive looking 1080p transfer. This is my first 88Film product and I am very pleased. The clarity and depth are razor sharp with outdoor scenes looking especially vivid. Indoor scenes have a nice bold and warm look to it. Grain levels are smoothed out and not chunky or distracting. It's also amazing how there really is no artifacts, noise or scratches in this print. There is a few moments when there is some blurring but there was only in maybe one or two scenes that I could notice.  Overall, I was quite happy with this transfer. 

Sound: 88Films provides both a 2.0 Mandarin Dual Mono Track w/English Subs. Also an 2.0 English track. Dialogue comes through clearly and the movie has no unwanted crackle or background noise. The range on this sound track is impressive for just a 2.0 track, though its a front heavy presentation. 

Extras: Extras include: Commentary track by historian Samm Deighan, Open Hand Combat: Interview with Journalist David West, Wong Ching at Shaw-interview with Wong Ching by Frederic Ambroisine, Hammer of God TV Spot, US Hammer of God Trailer, Hong Kong Trailer, Reversible Art and Hong Kong mini poster repo. 

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