Thursday, September 16, 2021

The Power (2021) RLJE DVD Review

The Power (2021) RLJ Entertainment 9/21/2021

Directed By: Corinna Faith 

Starring: Rose Williams Mark Smith, Marley Chesham

Disclaimer: RLJ Entertainment has provided me with a copy of this film free of charge for the purposes of review. All opinions contained within are my own honest reflections. 

The second feature film from Corinna Faith, The Power (2020) tells the story of 1974 Britain during a power crisis. It sees a young nurse named Val (Rose Williams) working at a hospital over night. The power will be completely out and, things of course go bump in the night as things go from weird to terrifying. 

    The Power starts out promising with a nice amount of atmosphere and a building sense of dread. In fact the first act really hammers home just how creepy and dread-filled this hospital could be when its plunged into total darkness. It also plays with this idea that nobody believes Val when she is attacked which comes back into play in a profound way. This helps add a very interesting layer and metatext to the narrative. Not to mention the '70s British setting further injects a level of realism that juxtaposes nicely with the later more fantastical elements. The production design is also top notch and Francesca Massario (Mogul Mowgli, Blade remake) does a lot with what is probably a modest budget.  

       Sadly, the movie feels like it wastes whatever good will it crafts into the second act. The movie devolves into horror clichés and embarrassing jump scares. The finale is sloppily written with a baffling conclusion and a twist that feels totally out of left field (because it wasn't properly set up). It's really a shame because the movie is far from bad and indeed, there are even some pretty interesting ideas. I just think if you had a better polished screenplay to weave these ideas into the narrative in a more compelling way this could easily be a modern classic. 

Picture/Sound: The Power is a visually interesting film and its kind of a shame not to see this in 1080p. Having said that I think the film looks actually still pretty good even on DVD's 720p. Blacks are deep and the mostly darkly lit scenes have enough definition to be satisfying. RLJE offers up a nice robust DTS 5.1 track that offers a nice 3D sound which is good for a horror film.  

Extras: Extras include a commentary with director Corinna Faith and lead actor Rose Williams, also includes Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery. 

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