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The Shocking, No One Heard The Scream (1973) Severin Blu Ray

No One Heard the Scream (1973) Severin Films 8/24/2021

Directed By: Eloy de la Iglesia  

Starring: Vincente Parra, Carmen Sevilla, Maria Asqurino 

Disclaimer: Severin Films has provided me with a copy of this film free of charge for the purposes of review. All opinions contained within are my own honest reflections. 

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     So, I admit that I am very new to the world of Eloy de la Iglesia, only having seen Cannibal Man (1972) prior to this re-release thanks to a Anchor Bay edition years ago. But, Severing re-released FIVE films from the late Spanish director. 1973's  No One Heard The Scream is my second in his filmography and more of a straight forward thriller. 

      Like Cannibal Man, No One Heard The Scream is a thriller that works extremely well for the most part. The movie is suitably grimy and grim and has a kind of chilly matter-of-fact-ness that I thought helped Cannibal Man work so well. Both films have a purposefully detached about death and suffering that make them both disturbing and fascinating. I also like how Eloy likes to sprinkle bitter ironies and black comedy. There is also a undercurrent of class-struggle which was something that I think isn't over worked in this movie but, rather plays like subtext. 

      No One also is fairly well paced with only a few dry moments. I actually did not realized an entire hour went back as the plot moves briskly and has enough going on to keep it engaging. The movie also has a few good tense moments that further help the film which has a fairly simplistic narrative. There is also a strange romance that forms that I also think This movie also could be considered a Spanish-Giallo with touches of Hitchcock throughout. It also feels progressive to have a film about a sex-worker and the movie doesn't feel the need to look down on her, nor change her. 

      Where the movie starts to sag is in the third act where things become too-talky and not enough action. Prior the movie felt like it clipped away at a nice pace but then it just screeches to a halt. Its never good when I keep checking on how much time is left until the end. Finally the movie does pick back up but it felt too little too late. No One Heard The Scream has a lot going for it but so far isn't my favorite. Next I will be reviewing the three-film Eloy set "The Qunqui Collection". 

Picture: As always, Severin does a good job at providing a fresh looking 1080p print. No One Heard The Scream is, at this point, over forty years old. And frankly, the HD presentation gives it a facelift in terms of brightness and the sharp definition. Locales, costumes and sets really retain a nice level of fine detail. This movie is colorful and hues really pop. While there are a few minor noise, the print is for the most part pristine. Overall, a damn fine job. 

Sound: No One Heard The Scream has a very nicely done DTS 2.0 track. Dialogue comes through clear, as does the score and sound design. No audio drop out or unwanted background noise to be had. 

Extras: Eloy de la Iglesia  and the Spanish Giallo (23mins) A really interesting featurette on Spanish Giallo from scholar Dr. Andy Willis. 

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