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The Attic Library: Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir Revised and Expanded Edition by Eddie Muller

The Attic Library: Books 

Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir Revised and Expanded Edition 

Author: Eddie Muller

My Interview with Eddie Muller Coming Soon! 

Plot Summary: This revised and expanded edition of Eddie Muller's Dark City is a film noir lover's bible, taking readers on a tour of the urban landscape of the grim and gritty genre in a definitive, highly illustrated volume. Dark City expands with new chapters and a fresh collection of restored photos that illustrate the mythic landscape of the imagination. It's a place where the men and women who created film noir often find themselves dangling from the same sinister heights as the silver-screen avatars to whom they gave life. Eddie Muller, host of Turner Classic Movies 'Noir Alley, takes readers on a spellbinding trip through treacherous terrain: Hollywood in the post-World War II years, where art, politics, scandal, style--and brilliant craftsmanship--produced a new approach to moviemaking, and a new type of cultural mythology

     Not only do I love watching movies, but I adore devouring books on cinema. In my opinion every cinema fan should dive deeper and there are books that I consider must-have's in ones personal library. These include J. Hoberman's Midnight Movies (1983), The Art of Alfred Hitchcock (Spoto), The Dark Side of Genius: The Life of Alfred Hitchcock (Spoto). I whole heartily would put Eddie Muller's Dark City in that category. Originally published in 1998 this is a speculator revised edition. In a word this hardcover book is simply breathtaking.  First, I want to say that the lay out and design of the book is extremely well thought out. Besides the presentation what strike me right away is just how well organized the content is. This is something that I think sadly some authors don't feel is important but it makes navigating these twisted noir-streets a cool breeze. The second thing that struck me is just how 
gorgeous the photos are. 

     It's actually pretty rare to find a publisher that has the resources to render such high quality photographs so when that happens its always a cause for celebration. But, outside of the design, how is the actual writing? Well no need to give me the third degree because its simply masterful. Muller provides a very well written deep dive into the smoky, dimly lit and dangerous world of noir. He does so in a way that is extremely thoughtful, insightful yet also is incredibly approachable. I think that its hard to write in a way that is scholarly but not so stuffy it feels like a dry-text book. Its this flare and personality that really breaths life into the subject matter. I have read a lot of books about film noir and I honestly can say this is really the only one you really need.  

This new edition which has been added to and in some cases streamlined is really a marvel to behold and I think its safe to say a must-own for film buff's. 

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