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Spare Parts (2020) RLJE Blu Ray Review

Spare Parts (2020) RLJ Entertainment 6/1/2021

Directed By: Andrew Thomas Hunt 

Starring: Julian Richings, Michelle Argyris, Emily Alatalo, Jason Rouse 

Disclaimer: RLJE  has provided me with a copy of this film free of charge for the purposes of review. All opinions contained within are my own honest reflections. 

    A group that calls themselves Ms.45 (after the movie) plays a pretty rough biker bar one evening. They problems with the locals and, worst of all a mysterious man named Sam (Jason Rouse). Sam runs the girls van off the road and they are taken to a junk-yard by the local police. They are kidnapped and made to fight in a mock-gladiator battles. 

     I wasn't sure how Spare Parts (2020) was going to wash-down as it feels like Snyder's Sucker Punch (2011) made on a budget.  I am happy to report that the movie is actually damn entertaining. The premise is paper thin and while the movie does attempt character development its shallow at best. But, thankfully Andrew Hunt and his crew know exactly the movie they are making and walk a fine line between earnest genre-fare and fun, mindless junk-food cinema. It has a pulpy texture that further helped me fully engage with it. And, thankfully the movie never feels like its a gross exploitation of women. I also have to give a lot of credit to Hunt being bold enough to tackle an action film for only his second feature film. The action itself is incredibly well done and the editing (also done by Hunt) is has a high-skill level behind it. 

     The film has a visual style that if you enjoy genre cinema you`ve no doubt seen before. Think Argento/Bava inspired neon hues. While I do think its a tad-bit over used at this point I will happily take something interesting looking rather than something bland. I mean, hell, it makes a junk-yard actually pretty kick-ass looking! I will say though that this is incredible well photographed with Pasha Patriki (who is also a producer) giving this low-budget outing a bigger budget look. Adding to this the production designer Vincent Moskowec (Letters to Santa Claus) and art director Calla Zenti (The Remnant) gives us a bold, bizarre feast for the eyes-the junk-yard graveyard is really quite something to behold. 

If you love grimy guts and gore Spare Parts doesn't skimp. SFX artist Angie Johnson (Under the Silver Lake) does really incredible work. The practical effects are awesome and it features a face slicing scene that I have to admit had me in utter awe. Not to mention a great soundtrack. 

Spare Parts is a 'scrappy' shrine to the Grindhouse and incredibly well made and well worth checking out. 

Picture: As I said Spare Parts is a very visual film and this 1080p restoration really delivers the goods. The image is crisp and clean and retains a lot of details in costumes, locales and sets. 

Sound: Spare Parts has a great soundtrack and also, it being a action film utilizes sound design and effects. I am happy to say that a DTS 5.1 really gives this movie  the boost it deserves. I feel like this in my opinion offers a big bold sound presentation. 

Extras: As with a lot of RLJE releases this has a nice array of extras. Included is: Interview with the Cast, Behind the Scenes, Spare Parts: In the Shop, CineFest Sudbury Q&A, Fight training videos and behind the scenes photo gallery. 

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