Friday, April 30, 2021

Supernatural Horror Morgue (2019) Well Go USA Blu Ray Review

Morgue (2019) Well Go USA Blu Ray 5/11/2021

Directed By: Hugo Cardoza 

Starring: Pablo Martinez

Disclaimer: Well Go USA has provided me with a copy of this film free of charge for the purposes of review. All opinions contained within are my own honest reflections. 

   With better and more inexpensive CGI supernatural movies can be made by any budding filmmaker looking to break into the genre. However, the sub-genre is over crowded especially after the Paranormal Activity and Conjuring films were huge hits. Now, it takes a lot of skill, talent and originality to make a memorable supernatural outing. Diego (Pablo Martinez) is working the night shift at a local morgue. And, of course supernatural stuff starts happening. You know the drill. 

    So, when I review any movie I go in wanting it to blow me away but, I also set my expectations, especially with a first time writer, director (and producer it turns out). 2019's Morgue is just as bland and stock as the title suggests. This smacks of a first time director that badly needed input outside of his own. Hugo Cardoza doesn't make the movie richer by developing characters or hell even subverting clich√©s in any clever or lasting ways. As a viewer its frustrating because these kinds of movies get churned out all the time and they really start to blend together. 

    The 'scares' are of the 'boo' loud noise variety and Cardoza sadly does not know how to really ratchet up tension. There are a few stand out moment with nude zombie like cadavers but again, it feels like a cheap way to get a rise out of the viewer. I will be frank and say I will most likely not remember this movie after the credits roll and I move onto the next film. This is a shame because I hate reviewing a movie this harshly, especially from a first time filmmaker. And, in the off chance Hugo is reading this, I hope he takes this as constructive criticism. The screenplay really needed a outsider to polish and more important punch up the narrative. Making things worse is the "twist" which comes virtually out of nowhere and makes very little sense. 

Morgue had a few creepy moments but overall its weak nearly non-existent screenplay makes this movie D.O.A. 

Picture: Morgue was likely shot on HD and therefore looks really good in 1080p. The entire movie takes place at night and indoor and outdoor scenes have a good amount of depth and clarity. Blacks are deep and the films colors have a nice contrasting look. The movie even has a grainy film-like quality. 

Sound: Morgue comes alive with a DTS MA 5.1 track. Like the picture transfer Well Go has provided the audience with a track that packs a big punch. 

Extras: None 

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