Monday, February 8, 2021

Castle of the Creeping Flesh (1968) Severin Blu Ray Review

Castle of the Creeping Flesh (1968) Severin Films 2/23/2021

Directed By: Adrian Hoven 

Starring; Howard Vernon, Janine Reynaud, Elvira Berndorff 

Disclaimer: Severin Films has provided me with a copy of this film free of charge for the purposes of review. All opinions contained within are my own honest reflections. 

    A group of young people find there way to a creepy castle with a sordid past that includes sadist violence and murder. It seems that the owner of the castle is a mad scientist looking for parts to revive his dead daughter. Now with guests he has plenty of parts to choose from.  

    Castle of the Creeping Flesh is more like the Castle of the creeping melodrama as, things tend to play out more like a high-Gothic soap-opera. On the plus side once the movie gets going we the audience are treated to some wonderfully nasty set-pieces. For example, Hoven up's the ick-factor with some graphic real surgery footage. For the more faint of 'heart' this scene might give turn your stomach.  The film is also teeming with lovely eye candy, steamy sex and nudity galore if thats something your into. Strange randomness like a bear attack also helps keep things interesting. This is a movie clearly on a budget yet the movie a lot of production value with practical locales and outdoor locations helps give it a bigger look and feel.  Being a lover of lavish Gothic films this strikes the right cord.   

   For all its trashy fun I wish the films pace was better and, it saddles itself with a plot that is way more convoluted than it has to be. But, you know what? Even with it's issues I couldn't help but be entertained by this whacko gore-soaked surgical Gothic epic. It goes for broke in all the right ways with this wonderfully unself-conscious lunacy. Bloody, sexy and makes for a trashy good weekend watch.  

Picture: Severin really does a wonderful job with this restoration. Overall the colors really pop and the image retains a great deal of depth and detail. There is also little in the way of scratches and artifacts (some but very minor) which is impressive for a movie this old. I can't imagine this movie ever looking this good. 

Sound: Creeping Flesh has a well done DTS 2.0 track. Dialogue comes through nicely in his front center heavy track. It's also impressive how background hiss and distortion is almost non-existent here. This also includes the original German track. 

Extras:  One of the things I really adore about Severin apart from the kinds of films they showcase is how they really go the extra mile when it comes to extras. This disc is filled to the brim. 

Adrian in the Castle of Bloody Lust: Archival Interview with Joyce Hoven and Percy Hoven (19mins) 

Mark of the Devil: Q&A with the Hoven Family at Austrian Pulp Film Fest (30mins) 2015 interview with Joyce and Percy Hoven. 

Return to the Castle of Bloody Lust: Locations featurette (13mins)

A series of Trailers: The US Trailer titled Castle of the Creeping Flesh, A German trailer: Im Schloss der Blutigen Begierde (In the Castle of Blood Desire) US trailer retitled: An Appointment with Lust. 

Re-titled Credits: Appointment for Lust,  Im Schloss der Blutigen Begierde (In the Castle of Blood Desire), Castle of the Creeping Flesh alternate title design (no audio),  Textless credits 

Rounding out the features is Alternate VHS End Sequence and Film Notes 

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