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Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny 80th Anniversary Collection Limited Edition Blu Ray Review!

 Bugs Bunny 80th Anniversary Collection Limited Edition 12/1/2020

    Warner Brothers have been really doing an excellent job at celebrating their rich history in animation. It seems fitting that to close out the year they would a mega-collection celebrating the iconic Bugs Bunny's 80th Birthday. The set includes a whooping sixty shorts along with commentaries, rare interviews and documentaries.  I will be breaking down each disc, what's on the disc and at the ends talk about the specs. Each disc has 20 short films. 

Disc 1: Shorts: Elmer's Candid Camera, A Wild Hare, Hold the Lion, Please, Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid, Super-Rabbit, Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk, What's Cookin' Doc?, Bugs Bunny and The Three Bears, Hare Ribbin', The Old Grey Hare, Baseball Bugs, Hair-Raising Hare, Racketeer Rabbit, Bugs Bunny Rides Again, Haredevil Hare, Hot Cross Bunny, Hare Splitter, Knights Must Fall, What's Up Doc?, 8 Ball Bunny

Extras: The following shorts include commentaries: Elmer's Candid Camera (Jerry Beck), A Wild Hare (Greg Ford), Hold the Lion Please (Greg Ford), Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid (Michael Barrier with Bob Clampett) , Super-Rabbit (Paul Dini), What's Cooking Doc? (Jerry Beck), Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears (Stan Freberg-who voiced Jr Bear), Hare-Ribbin (Constantin Nasr), The Old Grey Hare (Greg Ford), Baseball Bugs (Eric Goldberg), Hair Rising Hare (Greg Ford and Michael Barrier with Lloyd Turner), Bugs Bunny Rides Again (Greg Ford), Haredevil Hare (Michael Barrier with Pete Alvarado), What's Up Doc? (Greg Ford), 8 Ball Bunny (Jerry Beck) 

The Following Shorts Have Extras:  Hare Ribbin (Extended Edition),  The Old Grey Hare (Behind the Tunes 3mins), Hare Rising Hare (Behind the Tunes 5mins), Haredevil Hare (Mars Attacks! Life on the Red Planet with my Favorite Martian 15mins), 

Documentary: Bugs Bunny's 80th What's Up, Doc-umentary! 61 minutes

Disc 2: Shorts: Rabbit of Seville, Rabbit Every Monday, The Fair Haired Hare, Rabbit Fire, His Hare Raising Tale, Hare Lift, Hare Lift, Upswept Hare, Robot Rabbit, Captain Hareblower, No Parking Hare, Yankee Doodle Bugs, Lumber Jack-Rabbit, Baby Buggy Bunnny, Hare Brush, This is a Life?, Rabbitson Crusoe, Napoleon Bunny-Part, Half-Fare Hare, Piker's Peak, What's Opera, Doc? 

Commentaries: Rabbit of Seville (Eric Goldberg), Rabbit Every Monday (Greg Ford), The Fair Haired Hare (Constantine Nasr), Rabbit Fire (Greg Ford w/Chuck Jones), Lumber Jack-Rabbit (Jerry Beck), Baby Buggy Bunny (Constantine Nasr), What's Opera, Doc? (Chuck Jones, Michael Maltese and Maurice Noble), What's Opera Doc? (Daniel Goldmark) 

The Following Shorts Have Extras:  Rabbit Fire (Music-Only Track), Baby Buggy Bunny (Music-and-Effects Track), What's Opera Doc? (Music Only Track),  What's Opera, Doc? (Mel Blanc and Arthur Q Bryan Vocal Track) 

Behind the Tunes: A Hunting We Will Go: Chuck Jone's Wabbit Season Twilogy, Bugs Bunny: Aint He a Stinker?, Wagnerian Wabbit: The Making of What's Opera, Doc? 

Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes: All Star 50th Anniversary (47mins) a fun vintage retrospective on the life and times of Bugs Bunny, with celeb interviews with Cher, David Bowie, Chevy Chase etc as well as animators etc. 

Disc 3: Shorts: Bugsy and Mugsy, Show Biz Bugs, Haire-Less Wolf, Now, Hare This, Knighty Knight Bugs, Hare-abian Nights, Backwoods Bunny, Wild and Woolly Hare, Bonanza Bugs People Are Bunny, Person to Bunny, Rabbit's Feat, From Hare to Heir, Compressed Hare, Prince Violent, Shishkabugs, The Million Hare, The Unmentionables, False Hare, (Blooper) Bunny!: Bugs Bunny's 51st and a 1/2 Anniversary Spectacular. 

Commentaries: Show Biz Bugs (Greg Ford with Pre-Score Music), Knighty Knight Bugs (Jerry Beck), Rabbit's Feat (Greg Ford), From Hare to Heir (Greg Ford), False Hare (Jerry Beck), Blooper) Bunny!: Bugs Bunny's 51st and a 1/2 Anniversary Spectacular (Greg Ford)

Behind the Tunes: Hard Luck Duck, Short Fuse Shootout: The Small Tale of Yosemite Sam, 50 Years of Bugs Bunny in 31/2 Minutes

Bonus Looney Tunes Cartoons: Harm Wrestling, Pest Coaster, Siberian Sam, Big League Beast, Buzzard, Pool Bunny, Grilled Rabbit, Vincent Van Fudd, Hare Restoration, Plunger/Fishing Pole/Bees/Mini Elmer

Picture/Sound: I've been lucky enough to review various Warner titles from their Archives branch to their UHD products and of course their animation. The one unifying thing is they truly are a studio that celebrates their back catalogue Without a doubt, this is, in my opinion the best looking animation presentation I have ever seen. You can really tell how much work went into the '30's-'40's era as they look crisp, clean and and vivid. Grain on the older toons are well maintained throughout. The newer cartoons in this collection really pop with vibrate tones. Sound wise is also great with a nice 2.0 track. Sound design and effects and dialogue come through nicely. 

Final Thoughts: The Bugs Bunny 80th Anniversary is currently priced at 62.99 on Amazon and, while that may seem steep this set is worth every penny. First off, a lot of love and care has gone into curating and restoring these animated shorts. Frankly, I cannot imagine these ever looking better in my opinion. But, they really go a step further and load this set up with great informative features and commentary tracks. This is sure to please seasoned fans and, those who are relatively new to the history of these cartoons. I include myself in the latter camp as, I have seen these shorts before but, haven't really explored the historical context until recently. The menu is really well designed and easily navigated which I think is well worth mentioning. Whoever put this together deserves praise for this. Warners could have just slapped on some shorts and this would have been a good set. However, they really put a lot of hard work into this collection in not only restoring the shorts but including some much cool extras 

The legendary Bugs Bunny is truly celebrated in this amazing home video release. Animation Fans should consider this a Must-Own. 

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