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Sins of the Flesh (1974) Mondo Macabro Blu Ray Review

Sins of the Flesh (1974) Mondo Macabro 12/8/2020

Directed By: Claude Mulot 

Starring: Annie Libert, Patrick Penn, Francois Lemonnier, Barbara Sommers 

Disclaimer: Mondo Macabro has provided me with a copy of this film free of charge for the purposes of review. All opinions contained within are my own honest reflections. 

    Things get out of hand when a rich pervert, a young hustler and a young woman meet. Things start out as innocent fun but soon turns to blackmail and murder in this erotic film from Claude Mulot. 

    So, i'll admit right off the bat that Euro-erotic flicks aren't really my bag. Probably in large part because I'm gay but, also because the steamy stuff isn't that daring in the 21st century. Having said that, I am always game for a movie that is constantly ramping up the sleaze and strangeness. And, thankfully that is the case here. Yes, the movie is really only here for the sex but I was happy that the movie has a lot of odd moments and scenes that are boarder-line surreal at times. This perfectly fits in with the movies very 'of-the-time' drug's and sex era. Similar to Seven Women for Satan (also released last month) this movie goes all in on its whacky, ultra '70's debauchery and has zero in the way of hang ups. The down side of this means the movie has some rape scenes and pretty brutal violence against women which always makes my stomach turn. 

Despite this Sin's of the Flesh is a totally retro and manic movie that is worth checking out.  

Picture: As always Mondo does a good job at taking older Euro films and making them look fantastic! Sins of the Flesh has a nice clear image with most artifacts and scratches scrubbed. Grain is consistent throughout. Image temp and stability is also well maintained. 

Sound: Sins has a nice 2.0 track and features both English and French audio tracks. Dialogue comes through nicely and the film does not have any unwanted background hiss or distortion that I noticed. 

Extras: Sins has a host of great features including: some Interviews: Anne Libert-La Charnelle (20mins),  Francois Mischkind-Adventure with Alpha France (24mins), My Nights with Claude-With Gerard Kikoine (26mins),  Profession: Movie Maker Interview with Didier Philippe-Gerard  (25mins),

Two alternate titles: Les emotions secretes, Alternate Video Titltes Nevro 

Rounding out the features includes a French and English trailer. 

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