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The Video Attic Presents: The 2020 Gift Guide Part 1!

The Video Attic Presents: The 2020 Gift Guide! 

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted all items included in this gift guide we're received for free for purpose of review from their respective labels. All reviews contained within reflect my own honest opinion. 

2020 has been a rough year but, at least it has given us some truly stellar home video releases! Here is my list of my personal favorite releases of the year and what, in my opinion should be considered a must-own. Without further ado here's the list! 

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Daughters of Darkness (1971) Label: Blue Underground UHD 3 Disc

Full Review HERE. Blue Underground has really knocked it out of the park with this new edition. Not only does the film look and sound stunning but it includes the soundtrack as well. 

The Golem (1920) Label: Kino Studio Classics 

Full Review HERE. Kino Studio Classics is no stranger to bringing silent classics to life in stunning presentations. Golem ranks up their with the best horror silent films and this is a great edition of the movie to own! 

Blumhouse of Horrors 10 Movie Collection (2013-2019) Label: Universal Studios

Full Review HERE. Though the studio divides horror fans one thing is clear, Blumhouse has been blazing a trail within the genre. Includes is 10 horror films that across the board look and sound great and various movies have extras.(See my review for details). 

The Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection (1954-1963) Label: Universal Studios

Full Review HERE.  Universal has re-released four legendary Hitchcock film's on UHD. The set includes Rear Window, Vertigo, Psycho, The Birds and includes Blu Ray editions in addition to the UHD discs. This set also includes for the first time in North America the uncut version of Psycho (1960). Ported over is all the features on the previous editions of these four films including trailers,  featurette's and commentaries. It's amazing to see four of Hitchcock's best films in one set on UHD looking and sounding incredible. 

Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933) Label: Warner Archives

Full Review HERE. I'm always very excited when a studio dips into their vaults and brings back to life a classic film. This is exactly what the incredible Warner Archives did with their stunning re-release of the Pre-Code Horror film Mystery of the Wax Museum. Clearly a lot of time and resources went into this restoration which was done by the UCLA Film Department. For horror fan's this is a simply a must-own and, the more it sells the more likely we fans will get more great classic horror titles from this era in sleek new editions. 

Hammer Films: The Ultimate Collection Label: Mill Creek Entertainment

Full Reviews HERE and HERE. This huge 20 film collection unites the previous released Hammer titles released by Mill Creek along with titles that make their North American HD debut in this set. Not only this but the set contains new features including commentaries and featurette's. 

The Black Cat (1989) Label: Severin Films

Full Review HERE Black Cat is one those rare movies that floored me by just how bonkers it is. For that reason I think that it's a must own. Certainly not the most well known film on this list but I think its so worth while that I wanted to include it on this list. Check it out! 

Friday the 13th Boxset (1980-2009) Scream Factory

The only Blu Ray that I didn't officially review. But, honestly I would be insane not to include this in my Gift Guide for 2020. Easily probably one of the most anticipated horror releases of the year this boxset has all the bells and whistles you`d want from a Scream Factory release whilst also providing stellar looking presentations. For the first time we get the fully uncut Friday the 13th (1980) completely restored in 4k (other versions of the uncut edition has poorly quality inserts of uncut footage). 

The Untold Story Label Unearthed Cinema 

Full Review HERE. In terms of a crazy Category III film, Untold Story may not be the goriest or the most disturbing film of its ilk, it certainly swings hard for those titles. A truly insane and sometimes hard to watch outing that has some of the best extras of any release this year. The real gem is the documentary on Hong Kong Exploitations.  

Classic Films (Non-Horror)

Madchen in Uniform (1931) Label: Kino Studio Classics

Full Review HERE. This ground breaking LGBTQ film from 1931 is a moving tour-de-force and Kino Studio Classics provides a wonderful edition for film buffs. A must see. 

Roman Holiday (1955)  Label: Paramount Pictures

Full Review HERE. Included in the Paramount Presents line, Roman Holiday (1955) get's an amazing re-release that looks and sounds amazing (among the best transfers of a classic film this year) and includes a wealth of extras that cover the making of the film. 

Full Metal Jacket (1987) UHD Label: Warner Brothers

Full Review HERE. Each year Warner Brothers has re-released a film from their Kubrick library in UHD and this year we get Full Metal Jacket (1987). Like the other titles in their Kubrick collection this is a real stunning disc and has a nice array of extras as well. 

Sgt. York (1941) Label: Warner Archives 

Full Review HERE Another classic from the Warner vaults, Sgt. York from 1941 is another classic Howard Hawk's film to get the HD treatment! If you are a fan of Hawk's work or a newbie this is a must own. 

Mallrats (1995) Limited Edition Label Arrow Video 

Full Review HERE. Arrow is one of those labels that's exciting because they do a cross section of weird b-grade movies to mainstream offerings, and treats both with a lot of love and care. Kevin Smith fans rejoice this is the ultimate edition of the '95 cult film Mallrats

RoboCop (1987) Label Arrow Video

Another gem from Arrow. RoboCop is one of my all time favorite movies so it was beyond exciting when a proper special edition when news broke a deluxe edition would be released by Arrow. I reviewed the 2 disc LE but Arrow has a nice standard edition. For fans of this movie its in my opinion a must own. 

Beetlejuice (1988) UHD Label: Warner Bros Entertainment 

Full Review HERE. Warner Brothers has been doing an amazing job with their UHD releases of modern classics. Beetlejuice is a stunning looking film that celebrates the visuals of Tim Burton. Consider this a must own if you are a fan. 

TV Boxsets 

30 Rock: The Complete Series Blu Ray Label Mill Creek Entertainment 

The landmark show landed on Blu Ray in April of this year. Included is all Seven gut busting seasons looking pretty great on 1080p. Provided in this set is an awesome array of features including Behind the scenes featurette's, Deleted Scenes, Bloopers, Audio Commentaries, Table reads with the cast and more! As far as television goes this is a must own! 

12 Monkeys Complete Series Blu Ray Label Mill Creek Entertainment 

Another series coming from Mill Creek is the complete four season run of 12 Monkeys. First off, the show itself is defiantly one of the more interesting and entertaining sci-fi to come out in recent years and had interesting characters engrossing plots and a sleek visual style. The episodes look great on 1080p and sport a well balanced DTS 5.1 track. Extras include Deleted Scenes, Cast Auditions, Gag Reel and Podcast episodes. 

The Flintstones Complete Series Label Warner Brothers

Yabba Dabba Do! The groundbreaking series The Flintstones 'rocked' animation fans when it was announced that the entire series was landed on HD this Fall. All six seasons are included as well as two feature films on SD. Also included is the original pilot as well as some really charming featurette's. A must own, especially for animation buff's. 

Look for part 2 next week!

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