Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Video Attic Exclusive: Alone (2020) Tyler Posey and Summer Spiro Interview

 Video Attic Exclusive: Alone (2020) Tyler Posey and Summer Spiro Interview 

Coming to Home Video 10/20/2020 from Lionsgate Films 

Summary: When an outbreak hits, Aidan barricades himself inside his apartment and starts rationing food. His complex is overrun by infected Screamers, and with the world falling apart into chaos, he is left completely alone fighting for his life.
In a Video Attic Exclusive I got to talk to Tyler Posey and Summer Spiro about their new film Alone which comes out on home video today. 

*Note: This was recorded from a Zoom chat*

Mike: It must have been weird watching this movie now because it feels very timely with your characters basically quarantined for most of the movie.  

Tyler: Dude, its bizarre. I still cant wrap my head around it, like how similar it is with our movie and the world right now. That was never planned obviously, we shot this over a year ago. I mean, he's in quarantine, there's a pandemic happening and he has a social distance relationship and it's really bizarre. But he does come out of it a better person.

Summer: Yep.

Tyler: I think thats something to learn from.

Mike: So Tyler, I hear your a big zombie fan. In fact, I read you have a zombie tattoo. So that must be awesome...

Tyler: Wanna see it?

Mike: Sure. 

*pulls up pant leg*

Tyler: I swear to God if you look at my butt (laughs).

shows off tattoo

Mike: That's awesome. 

Summer: Oh wow.

Tyler: Cool, huh?

Summer: Yeah!

Tyler: It hurt really bad. 

Mike: So it must have been a dream come true to actually be in a zombie movie?

Tyler: It was a dream come true. It helped me live out all of my childhood fantasies. I was a weird kid. 

Mike: Same here (laughs).  So Summer are you a zombie fan or a horror fan in general?

Summer: Yeah, totally. I'm not someone who knows every single movie but when I watch a zombie movie I am beyond invested. I freak out, that stuff is so freaky. Even when we were shooting, we were just talking about there would be zombies in the bathtub, not actual people but mannequin-zombie body parts stacked in the tub so every time I would flip on the light to the bath I would freak out (laughs). So, yeah I scare so easily.   

Mike: This questions for both of you: Did you rehearse your scenes together?

Tyler: We were in super close quarters so we got to know each other pretty quickly and the chemistry was like really easy. It was so easy to work with Summer. We did rehearse a little bit I believe. 

Summer: Did we? I dont ever remember rehearsing. 

Tyler: I thought we rehearsed the walkie-talkie stuff? I thought we did, I'm probably wrong.

Summer: Oh, yeah. Okay I think we did rehearse that scene but there was also so much improve. I think we were just improving and then we got on set and did it again and nothing was the same ever. (Laughs). 

Mike: Oh, wow so all the walkie talkie stuff was ad-libbed. 

Summer: Yeah

Tyler: I think all or most of it was. There's a part where Summer's character asks me if I've ever been in love before and I say, "I was in fifth grade, her name was Jenny Caldwell she held my hand and then I cried and then I threw up" or something like that (laughs). 

Summer: (Laughs)

Tyler: And that kept that in there and I'm happy they did.

Summer: Oh, yeah that was so good! 

Mike: Yeah its such a great scene and the dialogue flows really organically. So Summer I love your character in this movie, Eva, she's so kick-ass and pro-active. Is that what drew you to this part?

Summer: Yeah there was a couple things. I like that she was doing her own thing, she wasn't cracking under the stress which I would have easily done. She was just keeping to her routine and keeping safe and even when Aidan came into her life her thought is if you put my safety in jeopardy your cut, we're done. There is a moment when it was just too risky for them to talk so she closed her curtains and was like, this is over, your putting me in danger, were done. And I liked that she was like that. I like that she cared more about survival than being in a relationship. But then his sort of perseverance sort of cracked her open a bit and I think thats what she needed. I think she needed to open up and trust somebody else. I think she's clearly somebody who had a lot of...she's a very independent person and doesn't lean on other people so she shifts her perspective and puts a lot of trust and faith into him. I love their sweet innocent relationship. 

Mike: Yeah I love how Eva isn't a typical horror damsel in distress, that she has layers to her. So this next one is for both of you. This movie is really heavy in terms of emotions. Did you find it hard to kind of shut that off at the end of the shooting day?

Tyler: For me I found the process pretty cathartic. I didn't really hold onto anything too long which I thought was really nice because I've been in that position before where I have to use personal sad experiences and it did mess me up for a couple of days. For some reason, I dont know I think that Aidan cries all the time and so there was nothing left for me to take home. I think I just let it all out on camera. 

Mike: How about for you Summer? 

Summer: The emotional stuff came much later where it felt much more emotionally charged because it felt scarier. In the beginning she felt more comfortable. I think because I knew this was all just imagine feelings it was easy for me to just shake it off, but, I will say that when you are hyperventilating a lot on set or having to breath heavily alot or like a lot of running so your out of breath, when you have to do that over and over again you get really loopy. Like, you lose oxygen to the brain, and thats harder because your trying not to pass out.

Tyler: Yeah, I've done that before, I've fainted on set because I  hyperventilated so often. 

Summer: Yeah I feel like I was a second away from passing out at times. 

Mike: So, finally  I guess I have to ask...Was your nude scene awkward to do.

Tyler: No it wasn't (laughs) I really dont care I'm very comfortable just being goofy and when it comes down to it and I do not take myself too seriously when it comes to that stuff. I certainly understand being in a position where that would be awkward, bizarre and uncomfortable but I try and negate that and laugh it off. Yeah I really didn't feel that uncomfortable I dont know why (laughs). 
A huge thank you to Summer and Tyler for taking the time to discuss Alone out now on Blu Ray and DVD from Lionsgate. 

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