Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Tammy and the T-Rex Roars onto Blu Ray from Vinegar Syndrome

Tammy and the T-Rex (1994) Vinegar Syndrome Jan 28th 2020

Directed By:Stewart Raffill

Starring: Denise Richards, Paul Walker, Terry Kiser, John Franklin, Buck Flowers

*Please note I am reviewing the 'Gore' cut. Also included is the PG-13 version.

        Tammy and the T-Rex is a movie that I heard about and in hushed whispers among the cult film circles. It was that crazy dinosaur movie starring future Fast and Furious star Paul Walker and '90s It girl Denise Richards. I had always wanted to see it and now thanks to Vinegar Syndrome I can do so in glorious HD and Ultra HD! What a time to be alive. Tammy (Denise Richards) and Michael (Paul Walker) are two star crossed lovers but sadly due to a random lion attack Michael is left in a coma. To make matters worse a mad scientist and his henchmen transplant his body into a giant mechanical  T-Rex. A tell as old as time. The plot as you no doubt can tell feels like it was developed by doing a Mad-Lib's with random describers. Somehow though it actually works. Thankfully what saves this film is that clearly everyone is in on the joke and it plays out like a gory over-the-top cartoon. The other thing that helps is a great cast of both veteran and up and coming actors. The obviously its draw is Paul Walker who sadly died way too young. Walker has a natural ease in this movie and with his charm and good looks its no wonder he became a big star. Tammy is also notable for an early role by Denise Richards. Wisely Ms. Richards plays her scenes with the titular T-Rex with some pathos and it helps ground the silliness at least a little bit. She has a smile that lights up every scene she is in and commands the spotlight, even with a giant dinosaur next to her. Veteran character actor Terry Kiser is less subtle in the role as the mad doctor and even though he chews every bit of scenery he's a great deal of fun to watch. I always said that Kiser is an underrated actor and this further proof of his zany talent. This movie is packed with cult actors in supporting roles.  John Franklin (Children of the Corn), Sean Whalen (People Under the Stairs, The FP) Buck Flowers (They Live, Back to the Future) and Efren Ramirez better known as Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite has a small cameo as the pizza delivery guy. 

At a scant ninety minutes the film goes by quickly and it a whole ton of teen-age T-Rex fun. Its silly, its mindless and I cant think of a better way to spend some free time then watching Denise Richards and a dinosaur. This movie of course isnt without its issues. I think certain storylines could have been explored and I would have even pushed some of the action even more over-the-top. But I think my biggest complaint would be the pay-off isnt nearly as satisfying as it could have been. Like it just ends without any kind of clear resolution and you know I need this in my acid laced dinosaur teen-age love story-dammit

     Vinegar Syndrome is already starting off 2020 with a bang with this release. First off I have to say the restoration is possibly the best thing Vinegar has ever done and thats really saying something as their work is typically incredible. The film is restored in 4k on Blu Ray and also a pristine 4K Ultra Blu Ray. The picture is stunning looking and you can tell a lot of time went into it. The sound is equally good with a 5.1 HD Master soundtrack which sounds amazing. And as you might expect they have also pulled out all the stops with its bonus material. This includes a wildly entertaining directors commentary as well as a director interview. Other interviews include actor Sean Whalen, who played Weasel in the film as well as George Pilgrim who plays Billy. Probably the coolest thing though is the brand new interview with Denise Richards who shares some fun memories about the film. As mentioned above both the R-Rated Gore cut and the PG-13 edition is included.

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