Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Killer Nun Arrow Blu Ray Review

Killer Nun (1979) Arrow Video Oct 15th 2019

Directed By: Giulio Berruti 

Starring: Anita Ekberg, Paola Morra, Joe Dallesandro, Alida Valli, Lou Castel

Sister Gertrude (Anita Ekberg) has been slowing coming undone after a medical scare. Even though the doctors say she is fine she believes otherwise. Now on a morphine fueled state the nun starts going on a unholy rampage of killing and torture. If I were to point out a handful of shining example of pure off-the-meds film from Italy, a country known for their bonkers films Killer Nun from 1979 would have to be on that list. Director Giulio Berruti fearlessly showcases a whole carnival of sinful delights and wildly over-the-top moments. Sister Gertrude smashing a a poor elderly ladies false teeth is really something to be hold. There is a never a dull moment as we watch Gertrude slowly go more and more over the edge, leaving bodies in her wake., The film inst shy about injecting social and of course religious satire and also poking the hive of the Catholic church. It makes a great double feature with The Other Hell (1981). Killer Nun is absurd, wild and over flowing with sex and sleaze. Not to be missed. 

Arrow has presented a brand new 2k Scan: According to the booklet they say this about the restoration: Killer Nun ( Suor Omicidi ) is presented in its original aspect ratio of 1.85:1 with Italian and English mono audio. Scanning and restoration work was completed at L'Immagine Ritrovata, Bologna. The original 35mm camera negative was scanned in 2K resolution on a pin registered Arriscan. Thousands of instances of dirt, debris, scratches, picture instability and other instances of film wear were reapired or removed through a combination of digital restoration tools and techniques. The mono Italian and English language tracks were remastered from the optical sound negatives. The audio synch will appear slightly loose against the picture, due to the fact that the dialogue was recorded entirely in post production, as per the production standards of the period. In addition, the English version incorporates a few short sections in which only Italian is spoken.

The new 2k scan looks great and I`d even wager to say it looks slightly better than the 2012 Blue Underground Blu-Ray. Seeing how its been seven years since that release you can see the improvement in restoration technology. Speaking of the BU release, Arrow wasnt able to port over the interview BU did  with the director however they recorded their very own. The extras are of course on point and in typical Arrow fashion we are provided with interviews: In this case with editor Mario Giacco, actress Ileana Fraia and director Giulio Berruti. We also get treated to a video essay by famed cult/genre film historian Kim Newman who talks about this film and nunsploitation. Rounding out the features is a commentary by Adrian J Smith and David Flint. Overall this is a great cheesy, trashy bit of fun and Arrow has provided a first class release for all us sinners! 

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