Sunday, September 22, 2019

Who Saw Her Die? 1972 Arrow Blu Ray Review

Who Saw Her Die? Arrow Video Release Date 9/17/2019

I'm back- its been a little while since my last blog post but i've been juggling a book deadline and a pile of review films and of course life also gets in the way. But were back, so put on your best pair of black gloves and vile because we have a review for Aldo Lado's 1972 giallo Who Saw her Die? Re-released by Arrow Video.

I will say up front Who Saw her Die? is not for the sensitive and the film tackles taboo subjects that even the horror genre has, in large avoided. Namely the killing of children. This is, of course nothing new to Italian films like Dont Could Torture a Duckling by Lucio Fulci (and also was released by Arrow).

Right from jump the film depicts a not super graphic but pretty unnerving murder of a child and thus sets the tone for this bleak whodunit. Visually the film is tremendous and takes advantage of its locations like Venice. Cinematographer Franco Di Giacomo (The Good, The Bad and the Ugly) uses his talented to give the film a strange and oppressive tone.Its also a very sleazy film choked full of sex and heavily implied pedophilia. You really get a sense every body in this film is wanted by the police for some kind of sex crime. Who Saw is clearly a nod to the classic film Dont Look Now (1973) and while its not as well constructed its an interesting template for a Giallo. Legendary composer Ennio Morricone crafts a great score that fits this film like a black leather glove. WSHD has a laundry list of suspects and red herrings which helps keep the film engaging but muddled. I liked this film but it did tend to drag in places.

Arrow as always rolls out the blood red carpet for this release. First off, this film looks amazing. When comparing it to the previous release, this new 2k is a revelation. As I stated above this is a visually moody film so its important to make it as gorgeous looking as possible. And it does. We also get a fantastic commentary by author and critic Troy Howarth as well as a new interview with director Aldo Lando, actress Nicoletta Elmi, co-writer Francesco Banilli as well as author and critic Michael Mackenize. Rounding out the release is trailers for both the Italian and American release. Overall: This is a very solid Giallo and an incredible release. Very much worth double dipping if you happen to own it already.

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