Thursday, September 26, 2019

Popeye The Sailor: The 1940's Vol 3 Blu Ray Review Warner Archives

Popeye: The Sailor the 1940’s: Vol 3 Released By Warner Archives September 17th 2019

I, as are a lot of people are, a huge fan of classic cartoon’s especially those produced in the ‘30’s and ‘40’s. If you are too, then you’re in luck Warner Achieves has once again rolled out 17 more classic animated shorts starring everyone’s favorite spinach loving sailor Popeye. Released on high def and featured uncut. This is of course Volume Three and with it a brand-new batch of theatrical shorts which include:  Olive Oyl for President
Wigwam Whoopee
Pre-Hysterical Man
Popeye Meets Hercules
A Wolf in Sheik’s Clothing
Spinach vs Hamburgers
Snow Place Like Home
Robin Hood-Winked
Symphony in Spinach
Popeye’s Premiere
Lumberjack and Jill
Hot Air Aces
A Balmy Swami
Tar with a Star
Silly Hillbilly
Barking Dogs Don’t Fite The Fly’s Last Flight

So lets address the elephant in the room, shall we? Sadly, a lot of cartoons of this period have not always aged well, in the sense that cultural views and sensitives we’re much different. Wigwam Woopee for example is wildly stereotypical view native Americans. I can’t and wont justify it but merely say it shouldn’t spoil your enjoyment of these well produced animation. Take it as a sign of how far we’ve collectively come as a society that thankfully stuff like this is deemed regrettable. Now that we have that out of the way, Warners does a fine job of selecting a good cross section of shorts. Highlights include Silly Hillbilly and Popeye’s Premiere. What’s really cool about this batch is they were produced using a three-strip-color process known as Polacolor, an alternative to the popular Technicolor. The result is is best described as visually striking. As always Warner Archives takes a lot of pride in their restoration in previous releases and this is certainly no exception. Colors are eye-popping and vivid, showing off this rare-three-strip process. No features. Overall if you are an old fan or new to these, this is a fun, affordable time capsule and worth owning.

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